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The Whiddon Group (NSW)

Embedding relationships based care

Easton Park | Glenfield – Arthur Webb | Belmont | Grafton | Maclean | Hornsby | Kyogle |
Laurieton | Redhead | Wingham | Largs

Residential Care – Major cities, Inner regional

Award descriptors

  • Leadership and culture
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Workforce development

About the program

Our care philosophy has always been based on a belief that personal growth and meaningful activity can be possible regardless of age and frailty. The launch of our new MyLife model of care - which integrates care for social, emotional and physical needs - provided us with the opportunity to consider how best to ensure a consistent and holistic approach to care and create true cultural change.

Through implementing the MyLife model of care, we have empowered clients and families to be true partners in their care and give permission and the right skills to staff to deliver relationship based care.

We identified three key elements to implementing relationship based care – continuity of staffing, greater personal connection and meaningful activity. We established a dedicated rostering model and partnered with University of Sydney for training, new processes and the evaluation.

In addition, a new Program Manager role was created to work alongside University of Sydney and drove both the trial program and the subsequent three-year roll out across all 27 of our residential and community care services.

Through the MyLife program, MyLife Buddies (focus carers), were allocated to each resident to develop the relationship, partner with family and advocate for the resident to other staff.

The new program also introduced 2 new tools/processes:

  • All About Me, conducted at the outset of the program where the MyLife Buddy spends one on one time with the client and family discussing past, present and future interests and goals.
  • Best Week is introduced as a Handover tool, where each client experiences the best possible week for them approximately every quarter. Activities can be big or small, but are tailored to that individual.



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