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Fresh Fields Aged Care Pty Ltd (WA)

Back to Country

Windsor Park Nursing Home

Residential aged care homes – Major cities

Award descriptors

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Consumer engagement and/or co-design
  • Enablement and/or transition care

About this program

The aim of the Back to Country program is to provide a social connection and hope for Aboriginal care recipients and to inspire positive mental health well-being outcomes with the promise of sending them home to their traditional land. 

This program has many benefits for our care recipients and their communities. Due to the urban location, our home has care recipients with high-level care needs. 

Many of these people identify as Aboriginal and are traditional land owners from remote areas of the state who have been transferred to the city for medical care. 

The Back to Country program consists of evaluating whether the person’s health condition can be stabilised and rehabilitated to a level of fitness and independence where they would be able to return to their home.

The program includes a schedule of structured and unstructured activities facilitated by the Aboriginal Health Coordinator and the home’s clinical team who work together on a plan for the person to get to our health and wellbeing goal for their return to country.

Driving this commitment, is our recognition that Aboriginal people have a link to the land. For traditional people the land encompasses kinship, community, history, spirituality, and family. We work with many agencies, both government and non-government to assist people to return to their traditional lands.

We have evaluated the effects of the program by conducting informal qualitative interviews post-transfer. The benefits have been very clear and positive, with the people benefiting from social inclusion, and an increased sense of community, however the most remarkable benefit has been the sense of being ‘back in country’.


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