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Vasey RSL Care Ltd (VIC)

Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC

Living our Values and Promises - Home Care Program 

RSL Park Hostel, Sir William Hall Hostel, Vasey House, Vasey Brighton East, ANZAC Hostel, Vasey RSL Care Community Services (East), Vasey RSL Care ANZAC Day Therapy Centre

Residential and Home Care - Metropolitan - Organisational wide or multiple home program

Award descriptors

  • Consumer engagement and/or co-design
  • Leadership and culture

Introducing a community and workforce engagement project – promoting a sustainable future for the organisation with consumers and stakeholders aware of, interested in, and engaged with the organisation.

About this program

Our organisation implemented a community and workforce engagement project after recognising we had limited information on the needs and expectations of our mission target client base – veterans and war widows, a special needs group (Aged Care Act, 1997). We were mainly working with population data and assumptions, and provided limited opportunities for consumer participation and workforce engagement, which impacted negatively on the quality of our improvement initiatives and therefore quality of care for care recipients. 

With international and local support both for increased consumer participation and for mounting evidence on the benefits of consumer and workforce involvement in improving care and services, the Board commissioned the project in 2012. Project findings informed our future strategy, strategic priorities, vision and values, and prioritisation of initiatives that have involved all stakeholders. These have benefited care recipients, the workforce, the organisation and our external stakeholders – ex-service organisations.

Our approach involved:

  • Completion of a community and workforce engagement project. The project methodology involved benchmarking, competitor analysis and participation of six stakeholder groups involving over 800 people and resulting in 12 investigation reports. These achieved our project objectives: improved knowledge of consumers and stakeholder needs and generation of better ideas with a high degree of originality and value.
  • Development of our strategy for the future, shaped by the valuable insights gained from the investigation findings.

Collaboration between care recipients, our workforce, the ex-service community and specialist consultants in research, communications strategy and engagement activity successfully achieved the project objectives. These have lead in the longer term to improvements in service outcomes with higher degrees of satisfaction of, and loyalty from, care recipients and the workforce, and better relationships between the organisation and stakeholders.

As stakeholders overwhelmingly associated the organisation with the provision of high quality care, we committed to evidence-based practice and have achieved award-winning innovations in workforce recruitment, diabetes management and leisure and lifestyle for care recipients.

Evaluation has shown we have succeeded. We have a very high level of employee engagement with our culture independently characterised as a ‘culture of success’ and 83% of respondents answering ‘yes’, it is a ‘Truly Great Place to Work’. When compared with a benchmark of 58% for the Health and Community Services sector, this is a real stand out (BPA 2016).  Furthermore, 73% of care recipients participated in our 2016 survey measuring their experiences of care and service delivery against ‘Our Promises’. These were developed from the characteristics stakeholders identified as important to the ex-service community, and the survey results demonstrate delivery as promised. 

Our approach has created a sustainable future for the organisation with care recipients and stakeholders aware of, interested in and engaged with our organisation. We have been able to deliver a range of initiatives that draw from our extensive accurate and holistic knowledge of care recipients and stakeholder needs and expectations, improving the quality of our innovations and ultimately service outcomes.

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