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Scalabrini Village - Chipping Norton (NSW)

Epsom Rd Chipping Norton NSW

The Open Heart Program 

Residential - Metropolitan - 80 beds/Consumers or more

Award descriptors

  • Consumer engagement and/or co-design
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Leadership and culture

Establishing the Open Heart Program, a framework for supporting the emotional wellbeing of all key stakeholders.

About this program

Aged Care is currently entering a brand new world. Old paradigms of care and relationships do not support this emerging, dynamic, market driven, co created and person centred environment. Navigating this new world is challenging and some would argue impossible with historic ways of working, we need to create a new vehicle for change. The development of dynamic, high trust teams of residents, families and staff who can co create this new future together is the vehicle. 

The Open Heart Program was developed through the realisation that to truly co - create an innovative, responsive service with staff, residents and relatives our first priority needed to be on the wellbeing of everyone on the team. Research clearly demonstrates the link between wellbeing and positive outcomes; using research and working in partnership with residents, relatives and staff we have created a framework that has supported the development of high trust relationships and effective teams. The teams of residents, relatives and staff created through The Open Heart Program have delivered exceptional improvement in care and services together.

The Open Heart Program is a robust and effective framework for supporting the emotional wellbeing of all key stakeholders. It has five pillars; Sunrise and Sunset is a facilitated – participant led support and education forum for friends and relatives. Travelling with Myself is a program designed to give all members of the team tools to maintain their emotional wellbeing and resilience. The Lighthouse is a partnership with colleges which provides 1-1 counselling to residents by students. No One Dies Alone is a program that gives intensive and ongoing support to residents and their families when the residents enter the end of life. Circle of Love is a friendship program facilitated by volunteers to offer 1-1 friendship and support to residents

Through the focus on individual wellbeing in a collective context we have seen our facility transform. From one where there was poor communication, low staff engagement and low satisfaction from residents and their families, to a vibrant community of people working together to continually create a home that is dynamic and evolving. The Open Heart Program is an easily transferable framework that supports the vision of the future by making sure that the people responsible for creating that vision are happy, connected, supported and most importantly, very effective at working together.

More information about this program

Fiona Kendall at or call (02) 9822 4899

Friday, 21 December 2018 - 6:12am