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Rainbow The Multicultural Aged Care Program (WA)

Eighth Avenue Maylands WA

Attitude Matters Most 

WA Association of Polish Women Inc

Home Care - Metropolitan - 80 beds/Consumers or more

Award descriptors

  • Diversity
  • Consumer engagement and/or co-design
  • Leadership and culture

Developing a proactive consumer-directed care service model that was owned, valued and reflective of consumers’ aspirations – with implementation ‘driven by attitude’.

About the program

It’s your attitude that matters most!

In the current climate of aged care transitioning to a dynamic market place, conventional thinking nominates growth and mergers as guides toward long-term business viability. We are a small provider of care and support for Slavic communities, operating in just one location. This by itself is counter-intuitive to the accepted view of surviving let alone thriving. However, our experience is that small is viable, tailor-made responses achievable and reputation the greatest customer attraction and retention strategy.

Central to achieving these business outcomes is our strategic leadership, co-designed service model, co-produced program delivery, useful and purposeful processes and systems, change management, promotion, ongoing engagement, deep knowledge and honed skills. However, it is our attitudes that have driven our co-design and co-production practices, tailor-made responses and business success. A leadership team with a unique set of attitudes guides our choices and behaviors to support being proactive, mission-orientated, analytical, inclusive and collaborative.
To shape behaviour and influence consumer approaches, responses and interactions, you need three things: knowledge, skills and attitudes. Knowledge and skills can be taught and refined, however attitudes are a lot more difficult to mandate or even encourage. Leaders and staff need to know and understand which attitudes should be the focus of behaviour and decision making and what those look like in action; in engaging consumers; in delivering care and support; in developing our reputation.

Our honesty, reliability and competency build interdependent relationships, not dependent ones. We are positive and encouraging, taking a ‘’ approach not a ‘no..because!’. Creativity and engagement deliver co-designed flexible, tailored solutions for our consumers. Risk-enabling strategies and being proactive result in our consumers remaining independent longer. We are respectful and inclusive of all.

These are the attitudes of leaders and we have used them to inspire ‘leadership’ in both our consumers and our staff. Consumers are able to express what they need and how it will be delivered. Staff autonomously partner with consumers and work creatively within safe parameters; innovative and individual responses are co-designed and continuing to try until getting it right, encouraged.

We are fully committed to a co-design approach, working with our consumers on what was important to them. Representatives of our whole system came together to design and agree the organisation’s service model. The model outlines the products we deliver; processes to implement them; workforce design and partners; costs, funding and contributions; performance measures; communication and promotional resources. All were shaped and agreed by our consumers and overlaid with our attitudes.

Developing knowledge and skills has long been the focus of our sector and whilst they are essential, our belief and experience is that without the right attitudes, knowledge and skills at best deliver respectful interactions, not the trusting relationships we presently enjoy with our consumers. It is these relationships that are our point of difference, the foundation of our reputation and the reason we are recommended to others. Our business success is testimony to the fact that it’s your attitude that counts!

More information about the program

Danuta Palysz at or call (08) 92712026


Friday, 21 December 2018 - 6:32am