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Hall & Prior Health & Aged Care Group (WA)

Mayfair St, West Perth WA

My Life, My Wishes 

Tuohy Nursing Home

Residential - Metropolitan - 30 - 79 beds/ Consumers

Award descriptors:

  • Consumer engagement and/or co-design
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social participation and lifestyle

A person-centred partnership project involving a process of documenting care recipients’ final wishes, life stories, preferences and requirements. Including the My Life, My Wishes booklet.

About the program

Our organisation specialises in providing care and support to vulnerable and marginalised people. Many of our care recipients have experienced substance abuse, homelessness, displacement and financial hardship. There are also many of our care recipients that have become estranged from their families and friends. Coming into an aged care facility can be a positive experience for these people as our home provides a caring environment that engages each of our care recipients. We provide person-centred, holistic care and ensure our care recipient’s physical, psychological, emotional, and social care needs are being met.

Our care, however, appeared to have fallen short for those vulnerable people at the time they pass away. When a long-term care recipient of our home passed away without family members or friends, we didn’t know how to best ensure their final wishes were being honoured, as we had not documented the care recipients’ preferences for a funeral service. Our staff had reviewed existing documentation, finding that end-of-life medical choices and financial arrangements were well-documented, but not information about their social history, life stories, or preferences for a funeral service. And so the home initiated the My Life, My Wishes project to give our care recipients the opportunity to do so.

The home’s management established and led a project with the objective of identifying all care recipients without documented funeral wishes, and revise admission processes to ensure we record their wishes. As part of the project, we targeted care recipients that were socially disadvantaged and not connected to friends or family outside the home, as well as all care recipients that wanted the opportunity to communicate their choices.

Partnering with care recipients, their representatives, care staff, and community links, the home developed and piloted the My Life, My Wishes booklet. Now used in the home, it will soon be rolled out to all homes owned by the national organisation.

More information about the program

Jennifer Grieve at or call 08 9321 1388

Friday, 21 December 2018 - 6:26am