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Hall & Prior Health & Aged Care Group (NSW) 

Resisting Age Related Muscle Decline

Caroline Chisholm Nursing Home, Vaucluse Nursing Home, Glenwood Nursing Home, Alcheringa Hostel Jeffress Hostel, Fairfield Nursing Home

Residential - Multiple locations - Organisational wide or multiple home program

Award descriptors

  • Enablement and/or transition care
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social participation and lifestyle

Establishing program of resistance band training to give participating residents back range and motion in their joints and improve their day to day wellbeing.

About the program

Our residential aged care homes have noted an increasing number of new residents are presenting with low levels of strength, mobility and flexibility in their joints which affects some of the simplest of daily activities, such as drinking a cup of tea or simply rising to stand from a seated position.  To re-enable our residents with issues such as these we have introduced a new class using resistance band training which is achieving wonderful results and giving participating residents back range and motion in their joints and improving their day to day wellbeing.
The use of resistance band training has been used in a variety of cases external from the aged care setting, for example: rehabilitation for all generations.  In our case, we use this technique to re-enable the individual through freer movements, better mobility and improved strength. Through movement and training with resistance bands we use a two-step safety approach:
1.       First, our main objective is to have PAIN FREE movement as the priority
2.       Second, when step one is achieved we aim to increase range of motion and strength
This programme has seen the creation of an education and exercise base that has resulted in strong benefits of re-enablement for involved residents.  Resistance exercise is a type of muscle strength training and is generally recommended as the preferred approach to attenuate losses of muscle strength, mass, and functional capacity in older adults.  Our Exercise Scientist felt that many elderly/frail residents would benefit directly with improvement of everyday tasks involving strength, mobility and flexibility that we take for granted, such as:

1.       Lifting and steady holding of tea/coffee cup
2.       Moving from the sitting to standing position
3.       Flexibility of joints – particularly in grip and reach capacity

Additional benefits of these classes have been improved general social disposition and a lovely platform for fun and interaction for our residents.

The program was developed in 2015 from educational based workshops and national data and programmes for resistance band training for general rehabilitation, but tailored to our resident demographic and needs.  Our program has grown significantly over the past year and has been adopted into other residential aged care homes in our network.  The average results for resident ‘average range of motion’ have created positive and direct benefits to individual residents.  Feedback has been extremely positive from residents, staff, family members and friends.

Our programme has been running for over 18 months and is now in 5 of our homes.

More information about this program

Mr Graeme Prior at or call (08) 9327 1388


Friday, 21 December 2018 - 6:26am