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Bupa Care Services (SA)

Rosemary St, Woodville West, SA

Healthy Heart in Aged Care 

Bupa Care Services - Woodville (SA)

Residential - Metropolitan - 80 beds/Consumers or more

Award descriptors

  • Clinical care/medication management
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Social participation and lifestyle

Innovative program to increase the quality of life and functionality of residents - decreasing morbidity and mortality associated with chronic cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

About our program 

Healthy Heart in Aged Care is an innovative program directed to increasing quality of life and functionality of our residents, decreasing morbidity and mortality associated with chronic cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and improve health and well-being of our residents.

We initiated this program to improve the following areas:

  • Increasing hospital admission of residents with chronic heart conditions and/or complications of this.
  • Further reduction of the rate of resident falls 
  • Further reduction of the use of Psychotropic medications
  • Facilitate friendship and out-reach to the community

In collaboration with Heart Foundation and Findon Community Centre, we are regarded as the first Residential Aged Care home which has successfully completed the program and deliver outcomes to residents. We established Heart Foundation Nurse Ambassadors within the home with three registered nurses trained and acted as champions. We joined with Findon Community Centre Walking Group to improve mobility and enable community relationships. For the residents who are unable to join, we revamp our exercise class and focus on balance and strengthening exercises.

Results of the program have been significant both measured in qualitative and quantitative data

  • Heart Foundation Nurse Ambassadors were able to influence other nurses in the home through training on how to better manage chronic cardiovascular diseases. Resulting in no hospital transfers since Feb 2016 up to this date. This also gives residents confidence that the nurses are able to manage complex cardiac diseases
  • The incidence of resident falls decreased throughout the duration of the program and continued to decrease
  • Psychotropic medications were also decreased as residents are more engaged with the sense of inclusion and attachment 

The program is sustainable and still ongoing with maximum attendance in the home. On a bigger picture, this program also supports the Australian Government in reducing the burden on our very busy acute hospitals. Other residential aged care facilities, home and community services will benefit with the program to assist stakeholders to have a quality of life in their own environment.

More information on this program

Febin John at or call (08) 8268 8244

Friday, 21 December 2018 - 6:20am