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Aged Care & Housing Group Inc

Mile End, South Australia

Restoration in Any Setting

ACH Group Residential Care - ViTA, ACH Group Residential Care – Highercombe

Residential - Metropolitan - Multiple locations - Organisational wide or multiple home program

Award descriptors

  • Enablement and/or transition care
  • Health and wellbeing

Focus on restoration and building resilience and wellbeing for every customer - through systems and processes that support customers and staff in areas such as customer centricity and goal setting.

About the program

We do not accept decline as a normal part of ageing to be addressed only by supportive and comfort measures. We believe that restorative care is indicated, and appropriate, for any service that provides care and services to older adults. The ultimate goal of our services is to promote dignity, autonomy, independence and quality of life. We support our customers to remain active and mobile and to therefore live life on their own terms.  We know that frailty can be reversed. Indeed, decline can be influenced and may be reversible at any age through individual and public policy measures [1] [2] . We therefore look for possibilities for restoration and the building of resilience and wellbeing at every opportunity for every customer .

Our mission is encapsulated in our Healthy Ageing Philosophy:
We believe that individuals, regardless of age can make choices that give hope going forward .  To this end:

  • We work in partnership with customers to achieve and maintain wellness.
  • We acknowledge that active ageing will have positive effects on  all 
  • lives – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
  • We challenge the traditional views of ageing and understand that adversity will not be the key determinant to life’s journey.
  • We build resilience in the individual, as well as the community, so that we can be the authors of our own stories.

Restorative Care for customers refers to the type of care that focuses on helping the older person to achieve and maintain optimal functional ability and engagement with their environment and those within it. The goal of restorative care is to:

  • Provide optimal mobility
  • Increase or maintain muscle strength and coordination
  • Promote continence
  • Prevent contractures
  • Promote independence in activities of daily living
  • Prevent pressure ulcers
  • Promote social activity
  • Provide a sense of accomplishment
  • Prevent isolation and depression
  • Improve motor skills 
  • Improve communication
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful engagement
  • Increase dignity for self worth
  • Increase staff morale and job satisfaction

Research tells us that the barriers to older people receiving restorative care includes effective management of chronic conditions, poor health literacy of older people and their families, lack of education and training for staff as to known benefits,  inadequate support and under-resourcing [2].

In order to address these barriers we developed systems and processes that support customers and staff in the areas of

  1. Distributed leadership
  2. Education & training for customers, families and staff 
  3. Gyms, environment & lifestyle
  4. Customer centricity & goal setting
  5. Sharing our culture

Importantly, we acknowledge that research does not indicate that a diagnosis of dementia is a barrier to accessing, or achieving, quality restorative care.

More information on this program

Trudy Sutton at or  call (08) 8159 3600

Friday, 21 December 2018 - 6:17am